Is Online Gambling Legal in Australia?

When it comes to gambling in Australia there are gambling laws that regulate the games. The gambling laws however differ from state to state has been state responsibility rather than the Commonwealth itself.

The state and territory bodies rely heavily on this revenue but yet these events are highly regulated. However recent activities and reforms show the Commonwealth’s peaking interest in the matter. The interest is bought about by the new technologies the gambling industries have turned to during this unprecedented season.

Online gambling falls under the constitutional responsibilities of the Commonwealth and it has serious implication on the regulation, revenue collection and welfare of the community.

This has led the Government to pass laws to stop Australian gambling sites from offering services to locals. However, this doesn’t technically mean it’s illegal to gamble online.

Can I Still Gamble Online?

The Interactive Gambling Act 2001 has allowed some form of online gambling to take place. But largely this act is directed mostly towards operators and not players. It stopped local operators from providing services to Australians, but they could gamble online on sites that licensed and operated outside the country. However, this act had some exceptions.

When it comes to gambling regulation it works on two levels. The first level is the Federal Government while the second level is the territory and state authorities.

Pokie machines which is an Aussie favourite is available online nowadays and are legal for locals. Online Bingo is legal in Australia too.

The IGA 2001 as I mentioned before is targeted at operators, so it is illegal for Australia online sites to offer games of chance and skill for real money to the locals. However, it is not illegal for players to partake in these games online.

This gambling act is quite a confusing one. If you’re a fan of gambling or paying frequent visits to the pokie machine law firms can help you understand what is legal and illegal online nowadays.

Why Was the IGA Introduced?

The Interactive Gambling Act doesn’t make it illegal for locals to gamble online. It was introduced to mainly target the operators and to prevent online gambling from being offered to Australians.

Technically it prohibits both foreign and domestic sites from offering services to locals. While the act worked on local operators it did very little to discourage sites from outside the country. Since the government doesn’t push back and it isn’t illegal for locals to gamble online millions of Australians are still gambling online.

To fight back legislators proposed that a similar law like the UIGEA in America should be implemented in Australia too. This type of law targets financial institutions preventing them from processing gambling transactions.

The IGA 2001 was reformed in 2017 and in 2018 around 33 famous online casino operators withdrew from Australia. All of this is done to protect the welfare of the community and given the fact that Australia has one of the highest gambling populations in the world.

The IGA and gaming laws are constantly being reformed for the betterment of the community so keep your eyes peeled out and always consult legal counsel as to what the latest updates are.


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