Putting Your Own Funeral Checklist Together

We agree that this is a rather morbid topic and not one that anyone would typically enjoy talking about, but allow us to say that this is a necessary topic if not an entertaining one. It cannot be avoided, neither would it be wise to consider how death is not something you can escape. And it would be in your best interests to have all the arrangements set up beforehand, so your friends and family can concentrate and focus on bidding you goodbye instead of being laden with funeral complications. Of course, you may not know what you have to do or where to start, but that is quite normal. Besides, it is not the sort of thing anyone would be rushing to do, so it is quite understandable as well. So here is a checklist that may come in handy.

What Type of Service You Want

Different people have different wants and last wishes, so you should give this some thought. After all, this is the last journey you will make on this earth, so you should do it in a way that you have always wanted to. Some people do have some albeit ridiculous suggestions, but if they can be accommodated they most certainly would be. So from graveyard funerals to memorials and home funeral services, the options are wide and varied. It is upto you to pick one.

Other Events

Some people tend to have a series of events before and after the funeral, but there is no necessity to host them. Only if you want to. Some include viewings, hosting a wake, visitation and a reception to name a few, but you had best meet with a few different funeral directors to find out which you should go for. The professionals can help your family put it all together, so you need not worry about that once you have made the payment and set your requirements in place as the final ones.

Special Touches

So if you want a specific reading or song sung at your funeral, you can go ahead and request for those as well. Be sure to note these down somewhere since it is highly likely people would forget down the line, and after you are gone it is going to be somewhat harder to fish these details out! You should also include the d├ęcor, type of flowers and anything you would want included in your casket. Oh, and do not forget, you must also think about whether you want to be buried or cremated.

Charity Donations

If you would like people to do something for you in your name, then invite them to donate to charity. It can either be a charity of their choice or one that you feel strongly about. There is something lovely about remembering a person this way. It is as though they live on through these actions, which they most likely are. The ability to uplift someone else in this life in the name of someone else is quite profound and an incredibly humane gesture. Have these details set out as well.

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